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I learned photography 10+ years ago in the darkroom at my high school. From there, I was hooked. Fast-forward to being fresh out of college, in a new city, and needing new friends. I found an amazing group who also loved photography. We traveled abroad and across the country together, sharing our travel photos all over Instagram (which, had just become all the hype). That was all it took for my first couple to ask me to photograph their wedding. They saw talent and promise in my work — potential I hadn't even quite recognized yet.

Meet Halie

The Perfect Pairing

It turns out that my previous career perfectly complimented becoming a full-time wedding photographer. Coming from the corporate and agency worlds of marketing, I already had an eye for design; staying on top of details was second nature; and most importantly, I understood how to take someone else's vision and bring it to life. 

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Go-To Boston Restaurant


Most Loved Local boutique

Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Guilty PLeasure

Fresh Mani's

Next on the Bucket List


Weekend Getaway of Choice


Listening to




weekend plans

Dinner with Friends


I loved travel before I loved photography, and find it so interesting that the merge of the two is what initially launched this brand. I travel far and as often as I'm able. Europe is a favorite, but I've also been as far as Asia (x2), South Africa, and the South Pacific! We try to take a new US based trip each year, too.

Travel Fuels My Soul

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He makes life easy and we balance each other out. He's my biggest fan and supporter. We were recently married on Martha's Vineyard and know all too well what you're going through in planning your wedding. We live in a cute house on the south shore where we enjoy cooking and making fun cocktails together!

This is Jon,
he's my #1

Ruby is our one-year old cockapoo! We absolutely adore her. Chances are, she's lounging next to me (or in my lap) as I create your photography plan and edit your images. And, of course, we decided to include her in a small portion of our own wedding day.

We Have a Four-Legged Roommate

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I'm of the philosophy that if you're going to do something at all, you must do it right. When we dine out, you know I'm going to the new spot everyone is raving about or relying on a fave go-to; Sarma, Barcelona, Alden & Harlow, Pammy's, to name a few . . . The same goes for travel plans, accommodations, apparel, pretty much everything in my life. I value the experience and don't waste my time or money on low quality. Same goes for the experience I strive to give you!

I Appreciate the
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Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

That Your Photos Should Feel Like You

That Your Photos Should Feel
Like You

 I believe

I know that your portrait time is one of the only times that you have alone together on your wedding day. Who wants to spend that time in stiff poses that don't even feel like you? Instead, we treat that time like a glam date — you're all dressed up, I give directives, and you move together naturally as I capture it. The result: photos that actually look and feel like you.

In Collaborating to Execute
Your Vision

In Collaborating on Your Vision

 I believe

My marketing career taught me a thing or two about this! Simply put, I'm the medium used to capture your vision of the day. I have a well-developed system for learning, understanding and executing this — so that I'm never substituting my own vision for yours. Instead, I'll take all of the ideas running through your head to create photos that are truly representative of your day.

That the Details Matter

 I believe

It's my job to be your eyes on your wedding day. I want you to be present, have fun, and never worry about the photography. I will guide you to the best window light, before mom fastens the back of your dress. I'll advise on the best lighting and locations for your portraits. I'll use comfortable prompts that guide you into natural poses, offering slight adjustments to make you look your best. These details are my job and they are the key to an effortless photography experience for you.

This Day Is More Than Just Photos

 I believe

Yes, photos are a big part of any wedding day, but hear me out . . . I work swiftly (and efficiently) through that formal photo list; I anticipate those natural "in between" moments so that we aren't wasting time trying to create something inauthentic; and all so that when we're all said and done — I give you a photo experience that is both efficient and comprehensive, with all the time you want to go enjoy the party.

That the Smallest Moments are the Most Powerful

That the Smallest Moments can be the Most Powerful

 I believe

A quick squeeze from mom, after putting on the veil. Your dad's face when he sees you for the first time. The beaming smile of your grandmother, during your first dance. These moments are fleeting, but really make your heart sing. I stay on my toes and anticipate them, so that you can relive them again and again.

That Magic Can Be Created Anywhere

 I believe

You don't need a photographer that consistently creates beautiful imagery in natural outdoor light — you need a photographer that can do that in any room, in any situation. I’ve worked in 100+ different venues, and I can make magic in any space. If it rains or we lose daylight, don’t worry - I've studied and encountered all different types of light, and have all the equipment we'll need.

An Experience Tailored to You


When it comes to her professionalism, her ability to capture moments while creating a comfortable and natural environment is what my family appreciated most, she was a joy for all to work with. Wedding planning can be overwhelming but if you work with Halie, I promise you, you'll not only walk away with stunning wedding photos, but you'll have an incredible experience with someone who genuinely cares about making your day as special and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

"From our first phone call to the day of, she was poised and precise."


COURTNEY + Benjamin

WOW is truly the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the service and photos we received from Halie. I am an event planner by trade and communication is key for me...Halie communicated EVERY.LAST.DETAIL you will ever think of, and some you would never have even thought of.

"The photos are more amazing that I ever could have imagined."

Lexi + Jake

Halie was a dream to work with! She captured the most amazing photos, yet I never noticed her actually taking them. While she is insanely talented, the best part about Halie is her personality. She’s genuine, organized, and laid-back while remaining on top of everything. We didn’t meet Halie until the day of our wedding but I never once worried. I will look at my wedding photos and smile forever.

“She captured our day in the most authentic way.”


Words do not even begin to describe the attention to detail, direction, and time she put into our day. She went above and beyond. The day would not have been made possible without Halie, and I have never felt so taken care of. She truly is the best around and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. 

"Halie truly captured the essence of the wedding."

erin + Matthew

Halie went above and beyond to ensure that she knew exactly what we wanted. I am especially thankful for how she made my husband and I feel while in her presence. We’re so happy we chose her because of her professionalism, her personality, and her diligence in providing us with top of the line wedding photography.

"We were so comfortable and stress free."

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