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8 Wedding Day Essentials to Keep on Hand

The Wedding Day Essentials That Will Save You From Stressing

It’s essential to plan a day that allows you to be completely carefree from start to finish of your wedding. From allowing enough time for each portion of the day to ensuring that all items are accounted for, there are many steps that your photographer and planner will take to be certain that all of your details are well-cared for.

That being said, as the day unfolds there is almost always something that comes up. You forgot deodorant or your mother needs scissors to remove a tag — simple things but still requiring assistance. For those kinds of needs, it’s common for your wedding party to assemble a larger “emergency kit”.


8 Wedding Day Essentials to Keep on Hand


But which essential items should you carry throughout the wedding day?

While an emergency kit is incredibly helpful while getting ready, clearly there are too many items for you to keep on hand throughout the day. Some brides may opt to give their clutch to a bridesmaid or mother, while others prefer to keep it themselves — no matter your preference, the below are items that I recommend keeping closeby for any unexpected fashion and beauty dilemmas.


1. Compact Mirror

This is a no brainer — as you’re mingling with people and tasting all of the food, be sure to check in from time to time that nothing is stuck in your teeth or that your makeup is smearing (from all those happy tears). While some people might mention it to you, others may avoid it and leave you in the dark (not wanting to be the source of any caused stress). You won’t want to make too many trips to the bathroom to double-check yourself, so keep this on hand.


2. Lip Care

Talk with your makeup artist about this one. Sometimes, your long-lasting lip color will need a touchup by the time you make it to the reception — between all of the cocktails, kissed cheeks, and tasty appetizers. If your lips are commonly dry, ask them about a gloss to have on hand to keep them moisturized. You can carry your tint and gloss on you and reapply as needed.

If looking your freshest is a big concern, you may also consider hiring your makeup artist to stay for a touch-up later in the afternoon or early evening.


3. Mints for Fresh Breath

From kissing your new spouse to mingling with your guests, there will come a time when you want fresher breath between tasting food and all of the small talk. When picking out a pack of mints, you’ll want the packaging to be small so it fits alongside the rest of the essentials in your clutch.


4. Tissues or Handkerchief

At some point in the day, there will probably be some happy tears. Be prepared by carrying some tissues or a handkerchief on hand. This will allow you to blot your tears and save your makeup.


5. Tide -to-Go Stain Remover Stick

The delicious food and tasty drinks at your reception may inevitably find its way onto your perfectly white dress. Err on the side of caution by having a small stain remover stick accessible to you. Tide-to-Go also makes a miniature size, perfect for not taking up much space in your clutch.


6. Blotting Paper or Powder

This is important particularly if you’re getting married in the summer months when the temperature is prone to be higher. Regardless of how flawless your makeup looks at the start of the day, be prepared to sweat a little during the time you’re outside. To avoid any unwanted shine in photos, carry some blotting paper or powder on you. Your compact mirror and bridesmaids will be helpful for knowing when you’re really needing it.


7. Safety Pins

The item we hope to not need, but so important to have just in case! Between all of the hugs and epic dance moves, there’s always the potential of some form of wardrobe malfunction. Long dresses (even when bustled) are easily stepped on in crowded areas, which sometimes results in minor fashion emergencies. A few safety pins in your bag will allow mom or your MOH to quickly subside any issues though.


8. Your Cell Phone . . . Maybe

Depending on your venue and location(s), carrying your cell phone may or may not be something you’re interested in doing. If everything is happening at one location and your room is also in the building, it may be okay to leave your phone behind. If your ceremony, reception, and hotel locations are different though, it will probably be smart to have it on hand. You’ll be too busy enjoying the night to spend too much time on it but may appreciate having it for a few informal photos with your friends.


For more wedding planning tips, explore the Tips section of the blog!

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