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5 Ways to Prepare for Photos if it Rains on Your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day . . . one of the most taboo points of discussion leading up to the big day. It’s not something that most hope for, but with a little bit of thought ahead of time, there’s a lot you can do to still get gorgeous wedding photos on a rainy day.


5 Ways to Prepare for Photos if it Rains on Your Wedding Day, Gibbet Hill wedding in Groton, MA with clear umbrellas


Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind when it comes to rain on your wedding day:

1. Wait to Make Conclusions about Weather Forecasts

It’s incredible how far out we can see expected weather with extended forecasts! It’s natural to check in on these leading up to the wedding, but remember that forecasts are ALWAYS changing. You should put some thought into the possibility of rain, but know that until you’re a few days out from the wedding it’s difficult to know exactly what the weather will be. It’s not uncommon for Monday’s forecast to tell us that it’ll rain most of Saturday, but then for the forecast to clear up by Thursday or Friday. If it says rain at the start of your wedding week — breathe, prepare for the possibility, but know that there’s still time for the forecast to clear up.

2. Plan Backup Portrait Locations

All your photo team needs to create natural light portraits on a rainy wedding day is a covered area! Porches, tents, bridges, large building overhangs  — almost any covered structure will do. Think about the venue space for a moment. Is there a covered structure on-site or nearby? How about a room with BIG windows? Any of these generally work in the event of a heavy downpour during the designated portrait time.

3. Give Yourself Extra Portrait Time for Flexibility

More times than not, there will be a window of time between rain showers to make it outside for some portraits. Once you’re a few days away from the wedding, you and your photo team can use the hourly forecast to your advantage. Maybe some portraits need to be done inside or on a covered porch — but as soon as the rain stops, bridal parties and families are generally willing to duck outside for as long as they can between showers. Wedding timelines can often be very tight, but if you and your photo team have agreed to pad the time needed a little, this helps to keep timing flexible with the weather.

4. Invest in Picture Perfect Umbrellas, Just in Case!

If it does look like it’s going to be a rainy day, we recommend ordering the totes clear bubble umbrellas for a stylish and light umbrella look. Your photo team may or may not have something similar on hand, but it will be your responsibility to make sure that there is enough for everyone in your bridal party and family. You can always return unused umbrellas, but you’ll be out of luck if you do need them and didn’t order any ahead of time.

5. No Matter What . . .

Most importantly . . . no matter what the weather decides to do, you’re getting MARRIED! And that’s amazing, beautiful, and completely wonderful all on its own! Whatever it is that you feel about the rain, your wedding photos will capture that — a positive attitude and excitement for your marriage will bring so much light and life to your images. So while the rain may dampen the day literally, it shouldn’t dampen the spirit of the day.

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  1. Jess says:

    Great post thank you! Makes me feel better as I’m stalking the weather forecast everyday until my bid day!

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