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4 Reasons You Need a Professional Wedding Album

Your Wedding Album Should Be Your First Investment After the Wedding

Your wedding album is an emotional investment. Not the kind that you’ll have buyer’s remorse over — quite the opposite, actually! Your wedding album is an emotional investment because of the power it holds on your emotions. It’s filled with some of the greatest memories that will bring you joy for all of your years to come. It’s a tangible part of your life, shared and adored by everyone that you welcome into your home. It’s your first family heirloom, and keeper of your very first family story together.

Digital images make it amazingly easy to share your wedding day online and to access the photos from anywhere, but let’s be honest . . . there’s something pretty impersonal about having to log into an account on your phone or laptop to stare back at a screen and scroll through your wedding day photos. After reading this post, you’ll understand the value of investing in a professional wedding album, designed to share your story for many years to come.


4 Reasons You Need a Professional Wedding Album, Boston Wedding Photographers


4 Reasons You Need a Professional Wedding Album


1. Wedding Albums Create an Unmatched Emotional Experience

You love the way your photos make you feel when you view them in your online gallery and on social media, right?! Now, trust me when I tell you that those feelings are nothing when compared to the emotions you’ll feel when holding a storybook of your own wedding day. The added sense of touch, and movement as you flip page by page to unfold your story, is incredibly powerful. The physical touch of an album brings us closer to those memories and creates a means for us to tie those happy memories into our day to day environment.


2. Will You Actually Make Your Own Wedding Album?

Ask any couple that intended to make their own wedding album . . . how did that go? Chances are, the DIY wedding album made its way onto the laundry list of post-wedding responsibilities they faced. And although the best of intentions are there, let’s face it — life is busy! When life goes on beyond the wedding and you find yourself unsure of where to even begin, it’s not long before the album is pushed off and is eventually forgotten.

Ordering a professional album through your photographer guarantees that album into your hands and home long before your first wedding anniversary!


3. Let the Pros Be Pros, and Save the DIY Headaches

Okay, okay — so what if you can muster the time it takes to create your wedding album? Are you a designer? What kind of experience do you have in storytelling? Bonus points, for visual storytelling, from a mass collection of images. 😉

Chances are, this isn’t going to be something you have a lot of experience with. And that’s okay! You hired a professional photographer, whose job is to be a master of visual storytelling. By letting the pros be pros, you’re opting in for a headache-free experience that will yield a beautiful, fully custom album of your wedding day. And unlike other DIY projects, this isn’t one that’s worth the risk of a sub-par finish. Sure, there are some online programs that help you create albums yourself, but do you know for sure that the print color will be consistent with what you see online? And what kind of lifetime guarantees do they have? Spoiler alert: probably none. Just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean that you should.

Working with a professional will guarantee the highest quality printing and materials that’ll create an end-product built to last your lifetime.


4. Futureproof Your Wedding Story – Because We Won’t Hand Down Our iPhones to Our Kids

Technology is ever-changing, and there is no certainty around what the future will hold for today’s common file formats and delivery methods. Seriously, remember the floppy disk?! I’m not sure the last time I saw a device that supports those things, and it’s even hard to find devices for CD-ROMs now too. Who’s to say that our current common image format, the JPG, won’t eventually be replaced with another file format. These sound like crazy statements, but when we’re talking about a marriage that will go on for decades and decades, there’s no real way to know for sure what technology will be like 20, 30, 50 years from now.

Luckily, your professional wedding album isn’t about to become unreadable. The archival paper and long-lasting inks ensure that they’ll be around for as long as you (and eventually, your kids!) take care of them.


If you weren’t already sure about investing in a wedding album, now you know why it’s such an important aspect of your wedding photography experience that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Get in touch to start your album design today!

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